Fresh and natural

  Ingredient List


Cake Base: (Grain Free Options Available) Rice Flour (Wheat Free), Peanut Butter, Banana, Low Fat Lactose Free Milk, Egg, Baking Soda


Icing: Lactose Free Greek Yogurt, Cornstarch, Low Fat Lactose Free Milk 




“Chocolate” Bones: White: Greek Yogurt  |  Brown: Carob 


Beef Liver Treats



Fruit: Fresh bananas, blueberries or strawberries. 


Edible Waffer Flowers or Sprinkles





How Much Cake Should I Feed My Dog?

Even though our dog cakes are healthy and pup safe, it’s still a treat so please be mindful. Your Pup is probably not used to eating all of these ingredients so make sure to feed in small portions and in moderation. The Larger Cakes should never be finished in 1 sitting by one pup.


Do you offer delivery?

Unfortunately we are Pick up Only.

Located Near whyte ave and Sask. Drive


How Far in Advance Should I Order a Cake?

We recommend that if you are wanting to get a custom Pup Cake to Message us at least 1-2 weeks in advance of the date you are needing it. The more time in advance the better, so as soon as you know be sure to send us your request!


Does the Cake need to be Refrigerated?

Yes. If your pup will not be eating the Cake the day of pickup/delivery, Then it will need to be kept in the fridge/freezer.


How long do the Cakes last?

In the fridge, the cakes last for up to 2 weeks. In the Freezer, up to 2 Months.

Be sure not to thaw and freeze repeatedly. 

About Us

Inspired by Puppy Love


Hi There! We are Kaya & Fel. We are the faces behind Pawppin’ Treats and we couldn't be any happier to start this journey with you all!


I (Kaya) have been in the dog world for nearly a decade. I have been lucky enough to get to work with dogs everyday since 2014 and I wouldn't change it for the world. Dogs truly deserve nothing but the best and all of the love and we want to be able to help dog parents give that to their fur babies.


My partner (Fel) has a background in baking, so we have decided to put both of our passions together to create Pawppin’ Treats!

We bake everything from scratch and add only fresh and healthy ingredients. We put so much care and love into everything we make and can’t wait to share our Bark Shop with you all. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our journey and looking forward to seeing your pups try our treats!

Kaya & Fel